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The Bloomfield Hills Department of Public Safety is a premier public safety agency in Oakland County and greater metro Detroit.  Public Safety Officers provide law enforcement, fire/rescue, and EMS services to the residents and visitors of the City of Bloomfield Hills.  Currently, our department is seeking candidates for the position of Public Safety Officer and Communications Specialist (Dispatcher).  We invite you to check out the job postings for those positions below and apply.  The application is done online and takes minutes to complete.

Communications Specialist

Public Safety Officer

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In 2018 The Bloomfield Hills Department of Public Safety became a Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police accredited law enforcement agency. Within the same time frame the Department also received a public protection classification of 3 out of 10 from the Insurance Service Offices (ISO). The ISO Class 3 rating ranks us among the elite 3% of not just Public Safety Departments, but all Fire Departments across the Nation. Furthermore, as of this publication the Bloomfield Hills Department of Public Safety is one of only three of the 31 true public safety departments in the state of Michigan to achieve this rating.