Noise Producing Device Installation

Air Conditioners, Generators, Heat Pumps & Other Devices
In accordance with Ordinance No. 372, the installation of these devices is subject to several conditions for approval. At time of application for the installation of these components, the following must be submitted for approval by the Building Official:
  • A site plan that shows the exact location of the unit(s) on the property and illustrates clearly compliance with the following requirements:
    • The nearest point of the unit shall not be located more than 5 feet from the main building or detached accessory building;
    • If not located within a building, the units shall be screened by:
      • Densely planted, well maintained landscaping (whose main structure is at least 1 foot taller than any part of the unit) that provides an immediate screening effect; or a
      • Solid screen or masonry wall at least 1 foot higher than any part of the unit. (This shall contain the use of materials identical to those used in the adjacent building at the point of placement of the unit.
    • The unit shall not be located in any required setback area;
    • The unit shall be of such location, size and character that "it will be in harmony with the appropriate and orderly development of the district".
  • A statement signed by the owner of record that "Testing or maintenance of such unit shall only be permitted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. (This may be added to the site plan if desired).
  • A copy of the manufacturer’s specifications that illustrate the decibel rating for the component. Note: "The noise generated by such unit shall not exceed 65dB(A) when measured from the nearest point at the property line…"
The approved site plan must be on the site when any mechanical or electrical inspections are conducted. The mechanical and electrical inspectors will verify compliance with the conditions identified in number 1 above.