May renters file for this exemption?

No. You must own your principal residence to claim an exemption for it.

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1. When I claim an exemption on my new residence, what happens to the exemption on the residence I sold?
2. I am moving into a new home and converting my current home to a rental property in November. Do I have to rescind the exemption on my current home?
3. What happens when a lender has foreclosed on a mortgage and the home is now vacant?
4. I own two homes in Michigan. For which home do I claim the exemption?
5. I have a home in Michigan and in another state. May I claim an exemption on my Michigan home?
6. May renters file for this exemption?
7. My children own my home, but I hold a life estate. May I claim the exemption?
8. I am leasing my home with an option to buy. May I claim my home?
9. I live in a nursing home but still maintain a home that I eventually plan on returning to. May I claim an exemption on the home I own?
10. I own the lot adjoining and contiguous to my home, and it has a different property identification number than the parcel on which my homestead is located. (See more)
11. I live in part of my home and operate a business in another part. May I claim an exemption?
12. I rent a room in my home to a boarder. May I still claim an exemption?
13. I own a duplex and I live in one of the units. My father lives in the other unit but does not pay rent. May I claim an exemption on both units?
14. My accountant tells me that I do not qualify for a homestead, should I still file it?
15. What is a Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit, and why do I have to file it?
16. Can I make a Request to Rescind?
17. Can I have dual homestead if I am selling my house?
18. How do I know it my business qualifies for the Eligible Personal Property Tax Exemption?
19. How does the Veteran Property Tax Exemption work?
20. What is the Poverty Exemption?