What are my responsibilities as a business owner?

You must notify your local assessor when your business moves in or out of the jurisdiction. If you purchased or will be acquiring an existing business make sure the seller has paid the Personal Property taxes. The tax bills may be in the name of the old business, but the lien remains on the Personal Property until it is paid.

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1. What are examples of Personal Property?
2. When and where do I file my Personal Property Statement?
3. What happens if I file my Personal Property Statement late?
4. Can I request an extension for filing my Personal Property Statement?
5. What costs do I report on my Personal Property Statement?
6. I don’t own a building, though I lease office space, do I still have to file for personal property?
7. I operate a business out of my home, do I have to file for and pay personal property tax?
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9. What are my responsibilities as a business owner?
10. I closed my business this year (or moved it out of Bloomfield Hills), and still received a tax bill for my personal property. Do I have to pay it? Why?