How do I retrieve an impounded vehicle?

If your vehicle has been impounded by our department you must come into our station and get a release form prior to going to the impound yard. We require:

  • The owner of the vehicle to be present or a signed notarized letter authorizing release to a party other than the owner.
  • Two drivers with valid licenses are to be present; we will check. Driver's must have their operator's license with them, we will not accept verbal names. Individuals cannot remain in the car, they must come to the front desk. The owner can count as one of the two so long as his/her license is valid.
  • Proof of Registration if applicable.
  • Proof of Insurance if applicable.
  • Vehicles being released that are not safe to operate on the road must be towed out by a flatbed wrecker. Bob Adams Towing will not allow work to be performed in their yard.
  • All fees must be paid at the impound yard prior to release. We do not collect money at our department, it is collected by the tow company.
  • Bob Adams will only accept cash for impounded vehicles. Please call them at 248-644-5000 to get an accurate price.

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