Environmental Information

Sewer System Updates
The City of Bloomfield Hills is under several Federal and State mandates to inspect and rehabilitate their local sanitary sewer system. To comply with the requirements of these mandates, the City has partnered with Hubbell, Roth and Clark, Inc. and Liquiforce Services, Inc. to perform the necessary tasks. Over the next few months, Liquiforce and/or their subcontractor, Doetsch Industrial Services, will be in the area highlighted on this map inspecting, cleaning and possibly rehabilitating the sanitary sewers. The crews will be on the streets and in some backyard easement areas in the upcoming months in order to perform the work. Their vehicles and personnel will be clearly identified. Should a disruption in your sewer service be expected, a notice would be hand delivered within 24 hours of the scheduled disruption advising you of the steps needed for your assistance.

More Information
If you have any questions, please contact one of the following:

City of Bloomfield Hills
Mr. Jay Cravens, City Manager
Mr. Jamie Spivy, DPW Superintendent
Phone: 248-644-1520

Hubbell, Roth and Clark, Inc.
Engineering Consultants
Mr. James Burton, Project Manager
Phone: 248-454-6300