Tax Collection

Important Information Regarding Tax Collection
  • Summer Taxes are mailed out June 30, and are payable beginning July 1 and due by August 31
  • Winter Taxes are mailed out November 29, and are payable beginning December 1 and due by February 14
Penalty and interest will be assessed after stated due dates.

Outstanding Taxes
Annually, as of March 1, all unpaid summer and winter taxes are turned over to the Oakland County Treasurer. If you have outstanding property tax obligations, please contact Oakland County at 248-858-0611.

Submit Payments
A decorative drop box is conveniently located in the lobby of the Public Safety building (open 24 hours). So please feel free to drop off your tax payment, prior to the due date.

Please be sure to submit your tax payment in a timely manner, there are no extensions allowed after the final noted due date.

Summer Winter Tax Collection Explanation