Filing A Police Report

To make a police report about a crime or other incident that is not an emergency, you have the following options:
  • Call the police non-emergency phone number 248-644-4200 and request that an officer be sent to your location.
  • Come in to the front desk at the public safety building anytime of day to speak with an officer.

Making a Report

Please make sure that you have all information needed at the time that you make your report. For example: Private Property Traffic Crashes will require driver information, registration and insurance for both parties (unless hit and run).

Be Sure to Include

You will be asked to provide thorough and accurate information. Some of those details will include:
  • The location of the incident:
    • View a map of the city limits.
  • The time frames in which the incident occurred.
  • How you became aware of the incident.
  • A description of what happened.
  • Any vehicle, insurance, or account information that is needed depending on the type of incident report.

Obtaining a Report Copy

Reports are generally reviewed within 24 - 48 hours unless further investigation is required.  You may obtain a copy of your police report in person at the Public Safety Department or via FOIA request.  Traffic crash reports may be obtained from Clemis online.  It is recommended to contact a communication specialist at (248) 644-4200 prior to stopping in to confirm your report will be available.