Pet Waste

The Scoop On Pet Waste & Clean Water
Many of us pick up after our pets to be good neighbors and to keep our yard and sidewalks clean. However, there is another important reason to pick up after your pet. Pet waste contains bacteria that is harmful to us and our local rivers and streams. Leaving it on the sidewalk or lawn means harmful bacteria will be transported into the storm drains and then into the Rouge River. Follow these tips below to help keep our water clean:
  • Whether in your yard or on a walk, dispose of pet waste promptly in the trash or down the toilet where it will be properly treated.
  • Refrain from feeding ducks or geese. Feeding ducks and geese may seem harmless, however it can be a nuisance to people and harmful to our water. This in turn creates unnaturally high populations and problems in City streams and lakes.
  • Spread the word. Tell others how they can help protect our lakes and streams.
This message is brought to you by Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG). For more information, contact SEMCOG at 313- 961-4266, or visit their website.