Alarm Monitoring

We monitor alarms at no charge to our residents. You may wish to have your signals sent to us OR us and your alarm company. The choice is yours. Below you will find the Alarm Monitoring Form that needs to be completed for those residents who would like the Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Department to monitor their digital alarm signals.

It is very important that all the information requested on the form be filled out. When you have completed the form contact the Public Safety Department 248-644-4200 and arrange a time to return the form and obtain an account number. After you’ve been assigned an account number you will be given the instructions for your alarm vendor to connect you to our receiver.

Please remember that the City of Bloomfield Hills has an ordinance that governs alarm systems. After three false alarms the Chief will send a courtesy letter advising you of a possible problem. After five false alarms the Chief will send an ordinance mandated letter informing you that you are one alarm away from being invoiced. After six false alarms you will be invoiced for the seventh and each subsequent false alarm at a rate of $100.00 per alarm.

Additional Information

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to call the Department at 248-644-4200 and speak with a Communications Specialist or the Chief.