Firearms Range

The department is very proud of our dedication to firearms proficiency and of our range facilities. The department has state certified firearms instructors/range officers assigned to each of the three platoons. Our officers carry Sig Sauer P226 .40 caliber pistols as their duty sidearm and must qualify with these weapons quarterly. Additionally, each patrol car is equipped with a patrol rifle and all officers must qualify yearly with these weapons.

We now allow residents to use our range facilities to shoot their private firearms. You will need to supply your own ammunition and we require lead free frangible ammunition. This can be purchased at your local gun shop. Residents wishing to use the range facilities must make arrangements ahead of time with one of our range officers. Please call 248-644-4200 and ask to speak with a range officer to set up your appointment.

We take firearms safety very seriously. Weapons should be kept out of reach of children and unloaded when not in use. The department provides free child safety gun locks to any resident needing one. If you are interested in a gun lock, please stop by the front desk at the station.